A perfect example of why I have been so critical of “mask mandates.” This PSA is absurd.

Medical and science communities continue to be split on the efficacy of mask-wearing in the general public. While I admit it makes some sense to wear a mask INSIDE, IN CROWDS, there’s no empirical evidence proving it as a cure, or even beneficial. Some studies have shown wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time can be harmful to your health.

Confession: I got sick with something mid-September. No, I did not get tested. Just as I don’t go to the doctor every time I sneeze. During the first 24 hours I had a low-grade fever, nasal/sinus issues, sore throat, headache, body aches, and potty issues. Sounds like every other cold/flu I’ve had since birth. Nothing severe enough to seek professional help. And, as usual, it morphed into fall allergy-like symptoms with the exception of a complete loss of sense of smell. (I’ll admit, the anosmia freaked me out.) Though I don’t like it, I wear my mask as indicated, wash my hands constantly, social distance, and to be honest, I rarely leave my house. So, how did I get sick? Covid or not, if I followed pandemic protocol, I shouldn’t have caught ANYTHING.

I think these mask mandates create hysteria and a false sense of security.

In comparison, I did contract a physician diagnosed case of H1N1 in 2010, a year after the pandemic. Let me tell you, THAT was awful. I ran a 102 temp for almost two weeks, and every single joint in my body hurt. Absolutely miserable. Then the sinus infection hit. I was sick for a month.

My point: Covid has mutated since it first appeared. Though it’s still highly contagious, it has a 98% survival rate depending on age-group. I no longer believe it to be a pandemic. I believe we should stop the hysteria and get back to our lives. I think every time some stupid politician comes up with a ridiculous public announcement like this one, we should let them know we will not submit to their attempts to control us.