img_7874Finally a heroine I can relate to! Caria is one tough cookie who’s been through hell and back again. After recovering from a gunshot wound on her last mission, Caria has been put on injured reserve by her curmudgeon boss, Gerry. Being reassigned to the basement gym to train new recruits for Trinity, a global intelligence organization, Caria has had enough and wants back in the field.  She needs a new mission to help recover from the emotional grief of losing her lover on her last assignment in Belarus. 

Gerry’s friend has been imprisoned by a corrupt Bolivian general, and with Caria’s nagging—and no one else to send—he agrees to let her go to south America but only as a gopher, to help with the extraction. She’s not to make contact with the asset, because if she does, she just might kill the man herself. He killed her lover, after all, and holds Gerry’s other secrets close to the vest. Gerry wants his friend to be returned, but fears losing Caria in the process.

Of course, Caria finds out and the mission goes haywire but this action packed drama leads the reader on an adventure of a lifetime driven by grief, a need for justice, and to find the answers that have been alluding Caria all her life. She’s strong, beautiful and doesn’t put up with anyone’s BS. She’s a woman of action, a problem solver and very good at what she does, but can she survive the secrets revealed after the mission is complete?

Damara’s experience in the army and knowledge of tactical weapons and martial arts shines bright in this action-packed drama and I cannot wait for the next book! This is the second book in the series, and it feels like it. It begins with our heroine’s recovery and it ends with a cliffhanger, leaving us wanting more! Great job, Drea! Don’t keep us waiting for the next book please!